Welcome to my page :3

Might write more here later but for now enjoy my gifs on the main page ^-^.
I hope to make this a cool little place to write some stuff about myself or stuff that interests me.
I tried to make this in a style that emulates mid/late 2000s personal webpages. I found some good gifs for the main page on GifCities.org.
This was also made intentionally for the webring that my amazing friend Emilia was setting up.
Hopefully you (the viewer of my fantastic webpage) enjoy this...

Time to write some stuff about myself it seems.
Hey! I'm June. I'm 20 years old and a CompSci student in my second year of University.
My first year was at the University of Oklahoma but I moved to Colorado Mesa University.
Due to my transfer I needed to retake some basic Computer Science classes but I am quickly catching up since I have basically no general classes left.
I'm currently in CS1 which is a basic C++ class, but next year I will take CS2 and 3 concurrently alongside a database class.
Generally I would consider myself ahead of my other classmates since I have been coding since I was a child, but I am still quite a beginner.
I try my best but a lot of my code ends up being quite bad and basic. Still though I am happy with a lot of the work I do.